Innovation Begins with Identifying Potential

Innovation Begins with Identifying Potential

By Dieter Haban, CIO, Daimler Trucks North America

Dieter Haban, CIO, Daimler Trucks North America

Infiltration of Organization with Innovative Technology

The most important would be to have the ability to quickly infiltrate the organization with innovative technologies that would further transform processes, maximizing efficiency. We have been very successful with mobile solutions, and apps will further expand the usage for our business, dealers and customers.

Identifying Potential and Deploying Solutions

If you look at “Big Data” there are several emerging technologies. We have started to exploit the advantages that “Big Data” has to offer us, it is important to be able to implement these solutions quickly. I agree that there are great advances in technology available. Key is to see the potential for the business and deploy these solutions quickly. That is innovation.

Human Computer Interaction–The Latest Trend

The trend for me would be the advanced human computer interaction, meaning the heightened use of mobile devices and tablets technology in the world of manufacturing and office. The ability to transform an individual who may not be technologically savvy and turn them into a power user is incredible. The ease of which we can incorporate technology and make someone’s day to day work that much more efficient is phenomenal, and it affects every area of our business.

My Role as a CIO

My role is forever changing although my focus remains the same. I want to keep our business competitive by being able to quickly incorporate innovative concepts and solutions to be able to transform the business; this is what allows our business to find more efficient solutions, that is success.

Advice to Fellow CIOs

There are two principles which are key. The first being, use your team. There are two sets of people; those that are innovative and think outside the box and those that are game changers that want to drive change forward. It is for their talents that you can pave the path to a continuous improvement and an innovative culture and  future within your organization. The second, IT is the partner for the business.

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